Water Tanks | The Right Water Tank for Your Needs

How to Choose the Right Water Tank for Your Needs

A water tank is a significant investment regardless of where you live. With good seasonal rainfall throughout South Africa, our damns are full to overflowing. The issue has not been the amount of rainfall we have received, but rather, the number of people using water that has been stored in government-provided catchment areas.

The critical point is reached when you and your family are placed on municipal water restrictions or need to go without drinkable water for short periods, because there are simply too many people in one area drawing water from the same source. A water tank is the perfect solution to address water shortages in Southern Africa in an already, historically water-starved region.

The professional pump suppliers, installers and repairers at Water Pump Group have specialised in pumping water to customers since 2008. Our concern for the nation is that there may not be enough of the resource to fulfil every person’s needs and for this reason, we have introduced water storage solutions within our portfolio through Jojo water tanks to ensure that all South Africans have access to water. But how do you choose the right water tank for your needs?

Selecting the Right Water Tank

1. What Will You Use the Water For? Decide what you will be using the water for. Is it purely for fresh produce or livestock? In these cases, you can use water straight from your roof without purification.

2. Decide on Your Tank Size At Water Pump Group, we stock a range of water tanks, from 1000 to 20,000 litres. Depending on the capture of your roof area and the storage space available, will decide on the size you will need.

3. How Much Rain Will You Get? Some areas receive more rain than others. If correctly stored and maintained, you can keep water reserves for months, however, the more rain you receive, the more you can store. Whether you live in a house or at a small holding, Water Pump Group has a water tank to suit your needs.

Trust the Experts in the Movement and Storage of Water

For almost 15 years, we at the Water Pump Group have utilised our industry-leading experts, experience and engineers to provide water to our clientele for a variety of applications. Although we specialise in the moving of water from one place to another, we have become keenly aware of the need to store the resource for use in the garden, sustaining livestock and the average household. Therefore, we are proud to be affiliated with Jojo Tanks. Consider a consultation with us to discuss how a Jojo water tank can sustain your family. Contact us today for the best advice, expert knowledge and friendly service.