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Water Tanks vs Boreholes: Which is the Better Option for Your Property?

Being prepared for any eventuality extends to ensuring that as a property owner, you always have access to water when you need it. Having a water tank as an alternative water source comes with many advantages, as do boreholes. With both greatly benefitting residential properties, deciding on a suitable water source requires you to consult with the professionals in sustainable and reliable pump solutions, namely Water Pump Group.

A Water Tank is the Perfect Contingency Plan

As a relatively minimal investment in selecting a water tank to be installed as a backup to municipal supply is a smart decision. When water levels are low or restrictions have been put in place, water tanks will provide you with an ample supply of water, thereby keeping your municipal water usage within reasonable limits.

If a concern with water tank storage is whether there is enough space on your property, it shouldn’t be. No matter the size, there is a perfectly-sized water tank that can be installed. With storage options varying between 750 and 20 000 litres, above or below-ground water tanks and vertical, horizontal or low-profile tanks to select from, there are no limits to the number of options for your property.

The biggest facet of your contingency plan is setting up your water tanks for rainwater harvesting. Consider collecting run-off water from your roof by having tanks strategically placed close to your gutters. When the rainy season begins, the tanks will fill up at a rapid rate providing you with enough water to see you through the dry months.

As a moveable asset, your water tank can go with you when you move or add value to your property should you decide to sell.

Is Having a Borehole a Viable Option?

Whether you opt for a water tank or borehole system, you will reap the rewards. Having a borehole is a viable option if you have the finances for the initial outlay and if the drilling company can find an aquifer. Should a water table be intersected, combining borehole systems with water tanks provides you with enough water to sustain your entire property.

Sustainable Water Solutions from the Experts in the Industry

When all is said and done, making a conscious decision on an alternative water source whether, through water tanks or borehole installations, Water Pump Group will be on hand to assist you. Since 2008, we have had one vision in mind, to supply the best sustainable and reliable solutions to our clients at affordable prices and within the shortest time frame possible.