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Your Sustainable & Reliable Pump Solution

Why choose Us.

Water Pump Group is a professional pump supplier, installer and repairer. We have been in operation since 2008 and have over 13 years of experience in the pump industry.

We are well-known for our expertise in the pump industry. The sectors that we operate in include the domestic market, mining and engineering, building and construction, fire protection and local authorities, as well as the farming community, who still operate Lister engines and windmills.

Mission & Vision.

Our vision is to supply the best “Sustainable Reliable Solutions” to our clients all over South Africa.
Our mission is to do so at the best prices, in the shortest time frame possible.

Specialised Services

We manufacture single, twin and triple booster pump sets, complete with variable speed drives and ready for operation (plug and play) for the domestic, mining and construction industry. We also manufacture steel base plates, shafts, pump sleeves and impellor wearings.

Our workshop features the following equipment:

  • Borehole Pumps
  • Vertical / Horizontal Multistage Pumps
  • Irrigation Pumps
  • Dewatering Pumps
  • Sewage Pumps
  • Slurry Pumps
  • Solar Pumps
  • Horizontal Split-Case Pumps
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • PV Modules
  • Tanks
  • Stands
  • Generators
  • Diesel Engines


We install and repair a wide variety of pumps, tanks, stands, borehole pumps, booster systems and electrical switchgear.


Our workshop consists of well-trained artisans, and skilled- and semi-skilled workers ready to deliver the best quality and workmanship, in order to bring your pump back to "life". We also do in-house testing of various pumps and have our own machine shop and test bay.

Our workshop features the following equipment:

  • Lathe (3m bed)
  • Milling Mmachine
  • 40 ton Hydraulic Press
  • Test Bay
  • Electrical Hand Tools
  • 300 A Welders
  • Cut-off Saws
  • 4 ton Forklift
  • Plasma Cutter

We also do borehole yield tests, step-drawdown tests and recovery tests. We can test boreholes up to 150m deep with flow rates up to 40 000 l/h.


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