Water Tanks

Water Tanks – The Integral Link in Sustainable Water Storage

Harnessing rain from a roof or other sloped surfaces or transporting liquid from the ground to the surface to store in a water tank, is becoming more popular among many South Africans. After all, having a steady supply of this resource that can be made safe to drink is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity.

Whether you're driving through the suburbs or the countryside, you've certainly noticed a water tank positioned to absorb every drop of rain from a number of downpipes. You may have noticed a free-standing one or many in tandem by a stream or adjacent to a pump house without a roof and wondered why they were there.

Water Tanks for Every Occasion

At Water Pump Group, we supply varying sizes of JoJo water tanks and wish to share a few of the many uses you may find for having them and using the precious commodity it holds.

  1. Home, Garden and Granny Flat
  2. Traditionally, water from a storage vessel has been used to fill the pool or keep the soil damp in gardens. However, with current shortages and municipal restrictions, average households are now purifying the liquid through filters and piping it through plumbing using pumps for domestic drinking water. Even granny flats and B&B garden cottages are enjoying these benefits.

  3. Irrigation for the Self-Sustained
  4. Plot owners and organic food growers may harvest water from low-lying streams, store it in a water tank and then pump it uphill to vast greenhouses for watering their crops as needed. In-soil and suspended irrigation, pipes and spray nozzles of various designs may assist them in producing farm fresh fruit and vegetables that could compete with any greengrocer market.

  5. Livestock, chickens and pets
  6. A well-rounded smallholding is not complete without a few lambs, goats and eggs. Occasionally, groundwater needs to be brought to the surface in pastures and fields using pumps. Landowners may store the water in a series of holding tanks linked together and then pump it to various watering holes to ensure that lucerne and feed are plentiful, and animals are well watered.

Sustainable Reliable Solutions

These are only three occasions where JoJo water storage tanks could be used most effectively. Perhaps you can think of a use for one, or a few in tandem? From source to distribution, home to multi-hectare farm, Water Pump Group offers pumps to bring the water to you, irrigation systems to distribute it and JoJo water tanks with holding capacities from 2500 to 20000 litres to store it.

Bring your water to you! For premium quality brands and superior service, consult with the leaders in water storage and pump solutions, Water Pump Group, for all your water management requirements.