Using Irrigation Suppliers & Saving

How to Save by Using Irrigation Suppliers in Gauteng

Summer in Gauteng is glorious, with plenty of sunshine and lots of rain. When winter arrives, the perennial rains let up leaving a dry and barren landscape. Agriculture is severely hampered due to this, and it can be proven to be a problem when planting seeds for winter crops. The solution to the problem is a simple yet effective one, irrigation. Finding professional and qualified irrigation suppliers in Gauteng to guide you is all the homework you will need to do.

The importance of water management

From laying down the pipes to selecting the correct pump for your system, irrigation suppliers play a pivotal role in assisting with crop production. As the main crops in Gauteng consist of maize, sunflower, grain sorghum and groundnuts, local farmers have a certain peace of mind knowing that reliable irrigation suppliers are close on hand should the need arise. The professionals will consult with the farmers on the various methods of irrigation to ensure that crop productivity is maximised.

Changing agricultural watering

By consulting with professional irrigation suppliers, farmers will get introduced to more cost-effective methods of irrigating, one of these being the introduction of drip irrigation. Overhead systems, whilst being effective, can waste water. The drip system provides an efficient method for delivering water to crops with minimal waste and can reduce water costs by up to 70 per cent. This method delivers water and nutrients directly to the plants’ root zones in the right amounts at the right times. Water flow metres accurately measure how much water is used for irrigating, allowing farmers to better manage their water usage. Getting the maximum crop productivity at less cost to the farmer is why consultation with irrigation suppliers is vital.

Overwatering your garden

Overwatering leads to problems in gardens and can actually destroy plants. Not to mention that it is a terrible waste of water. We automatically assume that the more we water, the greener our grass will be and the more our plants will flourish. That is a myth. An automated system, recommended and installed by a reputable irrigation supplier, will make sure that your garden is adequately irrigated without water wastage, ensuring that your garden is green all year round.

Having been in the pump industry for over 13 years, Water Pump Group is perfectly positioned to provide the agricultural and domestic market with water management solutions. Our multistage pumps provide a higher degree of energy efficiency and less leakage making them the perfect pumps for water management. We pride ourselves on being amongst the top irrigation suppliers in Gauteng.