Water Tank Benefits

The Many Benefits of Having a Water Tank

Rising water costs have resulted in more households looking at alternative water sources, the most common, and one that is increasing in popularity, is harvesting water in a water tank. Due to intermittent power supply, water treatment plants are unable to keep up with the demand for clean water. These are but a few of the reasons why you should consider contacting Water Pump Group to have a water tank installed.

The Benefits of Having a Water Tank for Your Home

  • First and foremost is cost saving. You will save money if you are not connected to any municipal system.
  • If you stay in a townhouse complex or an apartment, you can also do your bit. Slimline or underground tanks are an option for smaller spaces.
  • There are no restrictions when you have a water tank. Water can be fed from a water tank to any section of your home giving you a constant supply of water and you won’t clock up kilo litres.

With so many benefits, can you afford not to have one?

Borehole Water Assisting with Storage Tanks

Most households that have a borehole system use it as grey water. During dry months, consider filling up your water tanks with borehole water. Water can be pumped directly from your borehole system into your water tanks enabling you to have a supply of water come rain or shine.

Environmental Benefits

By harvesting rainwater, you are doing your bit for the environment. Harvesting water lessens the strain on waterways, reducing the chances of flooding. With more households turning to water tanks for their water supply, it means less reliability on reservoirs or dams for your water needs.

Rural Communities

Most rural communities are unable to access water, leaving them walking for hours to the nearest tap to get a daily household supply. Water tanks are showing more prevalence in these communities enabling them to have access to clean water closer to home.

The Importance of Harvesting Water in Farming

There are multiple sources that farmers can draw on for irrigation and livestock watering. Pumping water from surface and groundwater supplies, and storing it in water tanks kept above or below ground provides a consistent supply of water when needed. Together with rainwater harvesting, water tanks will not only sustain crops and livestock but the homestead too.

Consult with the Professionals

When it comes to sustainable and reliable water-saving and pumping solutions, turn to Water Pump Group. Having over 13 years of experience in the industry has afforded us the opportunity to not only supply pumps to communities, businesses and households for water systems but install and maintain them too. From borehole pumps to JoJo Tanks, we can help provide you with an ample supply of water.