Saving Water: One JoJo Tank at a Time

The JoJo tank has become increasingly popular as the ongoing drought prevails in certain parts of the country. As global warming takes its toll on the planet, issues around water security become more of a cause for concern for families around the world. The drought has left many South Africans in a state of anxiety, with many vowing to make provisions so that they will never have to feel the threats of a water shortage again. One of the best defence mechanisms against a water shortage is the JoJo tank. Affordable, compact, and easy to install; it offers an easy way to harvest rainwater. You can easily connect a tap to your unit and use it to fill buckets and water your garden. These storage devices are specifically created with UV-resistant materials and can thus withstand high South African temperatures without compromising on efficiency. They blend into residential areas well and are quick and easy to install.

Here at the Water Pump Group, we install and supply a diverse range of JoJo tanks and specialised stands according to your specific needs. The JoJo unit has an array of benefits, including:

1. Harvesting rainwater whenever there is a downpour: Your JoJo tank is an above-ground tank and is able to collect water whenever it rains. Thanks to the built-in filtration system and a gutter mechanism, the water will be free from debris and ready to use. You can use the collected water to keep your garden lush and green, top up your pool, clean your driveway, or wash buildings.

2. Save on municipal bills: Installing a rainwater-harvesting unit can help you to cut down on those hefty municipal bills. Use your harvested water for a variety of water-related activities and save on monthly costs.

3. Water security: Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of owning a JoJo Tank is the sense of security that comes with knowing you have enough water. Water security is a huge global issue and it is imperative that you prepare for the possibility of a shortage. Your unit will continuously collect rainwater and thus you will never be without.

With Over a Decade of Experience, We’re the Best Choice

With over 13 years of experience in the water-pump industry, we’re a company that you can trust. Our expertise range from the domestic sphere to commercial industries such as mining and building and thus there is no job too big or too small for us. If you’re considering adding a JoJo Tanks product to your water-saving agenda, then get in touch with us today. We’ll gladly advise you on the best model for your designated space and help you to find the best JoJo tank for your budget and needs.

When it comes to saving water, every drop counts and a JoJo tank is a brilliant way to ease those drought-related worries and make provision for you and your family. We can’t control the drought but we can certainly make sure that we’re well prepared and invest in water-saving technology before disaster strikes.