Irrigation Technology Just Improves Over Time

Although “tech” in the digital era typically means something online or some gadget that does amazing things, there are far older technologies doing some pretty amazing things too. Ask any landscaper, and they’ll tell you about the pleasure of watching an irrigation system come to life. Familiar in the extreme they might be, but these systems retain their wonder because they’re literally delivering life. It’s hard to imagine any other input that renders a homeowner’s small patch of paradise more lovely. No amount of interior decor, painting, or redesigning can uplift a residence quite so comprehensively as the relatively simple technology at play in a wall-to-wall irrigation system.

Of course, it’s not just the retail end of these systems that glean all of those benefits. Anytime you talk sports, you’re likely including an irrigated field. Public amenities far and wide need their lawns to look at their best, and here again, it’s quite remarkable how irrigation can uplift hectares of land at a time, making everything look smart and luscious. While irrigation in South Africa might have remained a farming term for decades, today’s modern cities have their own versions of the giant installations used by agriculture.

Finding a System You Need

Say the word “irrigation”, and it will mean many different things to many people. Some aspects of residential irrigation are pretty common to any shopping excursion, and the right components just depend on your requirements. Typically, a garden watering system will have a hybrid mix of various types of sprinklers.

A dragline is an official term for a hosepipe, and no one wants to be found without one of these. Although your watering system should cover every needed square inch –and it will if the initial design and component list (bill of quantities) was correctly made – think of when you have spillage in the driveway, you’re planting a new tree, you’re transplanting plants, and you need to give them a good soak. A hosepipe remains indispensable.

Then, you might have a long fence line where drip irrigation would be the best solution, hence needing driplines. These quietly administer water right at the base of each plant planted in a row. You’ll want to control each “station” (a bank of sprinklers that work together) with manual or solenoid valves, and you might want it all automated, in which case you’ll need a controller which is an electrically powered control box mounted either inside or outdoors. There are differences in sprinklers and their nozzles, some better for shrubberies and others really geared up for lawns. The technology is fairly elementary, at least in comparison to opening an iPhone, but it’s diverse and sophisticated in its own right, and it is always best to glean a professional opinion on design and installation.

Come to Water Pump Group for No-Nonsense Advice

Not only does Water Pump Group supply everything you’ll need for your watering system, including water storage and pumping solutions where necessary, we’re also seeing irrigation systems working with our eyes closed! Whether you’re after fine microjet sprayers for an atrium or a mammoth water cannon for the hockey field, we’re going to specify correctly and put your ideal solution squarely in front of you. No second tries needed– we’ll get you correctly equipped the first time around and, moreover, supply you with only quality, fit-for-purpose kit.

We live and breathe the efficient movement of water, and when you call on us, you’re guaranteed to get a professional irrigation system that performs as it should, saves you money with targeted performance, and never spills a drop!