Irrigation Best Practices

Irrigation Best Practices in Different Seasons

It is generally wiser to water deeply and less frequently than to water lightly and more often, as this encourages deep roots and healthy vegetation. Whether you considering irrigation for your farm, market garden or backyard, get a plan in place and follow some of these best practices to set yourself up for success, no matter the season.

Seasonal Impact

The amount of rainwater changes each season, and so should your irrigation schedule. In the rainy season, winter or summer, the need for daily watering is not necessary. In fact, on the days that there isn’t any rainfall, you can give your irrigation a rest. Overwatering vegetation can have an adverse effect and instead of bountiful crops, your root systems will be killed, and your plants will suffer from slow growth and leaf scorch.

During the dry seasons, set timers for your irrigation system. An automated irrigation system will allow you to easily control the amount and frequency of water that is needed. The best time of day to begin to irrigate is late afternoon when the sun is no longer at its peak. The cycle should end before or just after sunrise allowing excess water to soak into the landscape. Keep an eye on your plants and if you feel extra watering is needed, then do so.

Planning Ahead When the Seasons Let You Down

Changes in weather patterns have created uncertainty and have impacted the approach toward irrigation systems. There was a time when you could set your seasonal clock according to summer and winter rains depending on the area. Unfortunately, this is no longer viable due to climate change.

By planning ahead you can circumvent any drought problems that arise during the dry months. Consider collecting rainwater during the rainy season through the installation of storage tanks. Have you thought about a borehole? Attached to your current irrigation system, it will provide you with an endless supply of water to see you through the dry seasons. You can further reduce the loss of water through evaporation by adding mulch to your flower beds.

There are many ways that you can continuously irrigate, whilst conserving water, without having to rely on the weather.


Putting Our Stamp on Water Conservation

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