Borehole Testing Services

The Nature and Importance of Professional Borehole Testing Services

Ultimately, the bulk of the water consumed by humans around the world will have been obtained from sources beneath the ground. With the discovery that one could access drinkable water by digging a well, it became feasible for humanity to expand and to settle further from the rivers and lakes upon which it was previously so dependent. Today, the modern equivalent of a well is much narrower and bored by specialised machinery rather than dug manually, and its contents are extracted with a pump rather than a bucket. Nevertheless, ensuring the efficiency of a modern borehole requires professional testing services. 

For peace of mind, owners need to be reassured that their investment will be able to continue meeting their needs on an ongoing basis. For example, the rate at which the aquifer is able to recharge will need to exceed the rate at which its contents will be pumped during use, the so-called total abstraction rate, in order to ensure that it will be possible to maintain an adequate yield. There are a variety of tests in use to determine factors such as this. However, some are more informative than others, and so it is important to ensure that borehole testing services are carried out by a company with adequate experience of the principles of hydrology.

A layperson may, for example, be suitably impressed when shown the results of a step test, during which the pumping rate is increased at intervals. However, while a good result serves to confirm the effectiveness of the installation, it fails to provide any useful information regarding the long-term yield. For this purpose, the drilling company responsible should include a constant rate test and a recovery test as part of its comprehensive programme of borehole testing services.

The constant rate test involves discharging water at a fixed pumping rate for a period between 8 to 48 hours, depending upon the estimated size of the aquifer. During this time a variety of measurements, including various water levels and pressures, are conducted. The findings are subjected to mathematical analysis and, together with the results of a recovery test to determine the time taken to restore levels once the pumping has ceased, the accumulated data allows the hydrologist to determine the potential long-term yield.

In order to complete the battery of essential borehole testing services, some measurement of water purity will be required. During the drilling process, a stainless-steel sleeve is inserted between the surface and the upper layer of bedrock to prevent the accidental entry of topsoil into the aquifer located in the fractured region of rock below. Nevertheless, a full chemical analysis, together with measurements of the electrical conductivity and temperature of the water will need to be completed. These analyses determine the suitability of the supply for various purposes.

In the case of a domestic drilling, for instance, chemical testing of borehole water to determine its nitrate content is a crucial service, as levels greater than 10mg/litre can have a negative effect on the health of infants aged less than 6 months. It is important, therefore, to choose a drilling company with the extensive experience and established reputation for thoroughness in all aspects of the task. So why not talk to Water Pump Group?



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