Borehole Drilling - What To Know Before Borehole Drilling

What to Know Before You Go Ahead with Borehole Drilling

Having access to a supply of fresh water, where you don’t have to rely on your local municipality, is what we all dream of. You can say goodbye to those hefty water accounts when you install a borehole system. Prior to taking that step into the unknown, it is important to have a little know-how before you go ahead with drilling.

Research and Planning

One of the most crucial steps before borehole drilling is finding out if there is any groundwater nearby. If you are new to the neighbourhood, ask your neighbours about access to underground water.

Another all-important aspect of borehole drilling is location. This is when you are going to need the help of an expert, such as a qualified hydro-geologist. A hydro-geological survey should be undertaken to establish the quantity and quality of the water before drilling can even begin.

Who to Trust

Find someone that is well established and that you can get references from. Contact their existing clients to gauge the reliability and quality of work that you can expect from them. An above-board company will not mind you doing this.

Once the decision is made regarding the company you choose to work with, trusting the company extends to checking the equipment that your driller will be using. Checking that the hoses or cables to are not frayed, fuel or oil leaks are not present, and the type of casing that will be installed are a few of the items to check in advance.

As you contacted a professional beforehand (hydro-geologist), the diameter and depth and width of the borehole has its maximum parameters. Make sure that this is communicated clearly to your driller.

Finally – Pump Installation

Now that you know the basic ins and outs, the final puzzle piece has to be put in – the pump. A professional pump installation company must be able to provide you with proper yield, drawdown and step tests to ensure that the correct pump is selected. Sizing a pump is a balance between what is needed and what the system can deliver.

Hidden Costs

There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to borehole drilling, so be prepared for additional costs that were not factored in. It is advisable to get a ballpark estimate from your supplier about any possible hidden costs.

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