Water Tank | Installing and Maintaining a JoJo Tank

Everything You Need to Know About Selecting, Installing and Maintaining a Water Tank

Having a supply of water that is not dependent on municipalities and one that can be used as a backup in times of drought, is what a water tank affords homeowners, industries and businesses alike. Factors such as the use of the harvested water, the type of tank required and ensuring the longevity of the tank need to be taken into consideration.

Ensuring that you have all you need to set up and install your off-grid or supplementary water supply is possible with Water Pump Group – we make it possible for you to keep your alternate water requirements under one umbrella.

Selecting the Right Sized Water Tank

At Water Pump Group, we offer a range of JoJo tanks specifically suited for your water storage requirements. Made from high-quality UV-resistant polyethylene, a JoJo water tank has been designed and manufactured for longevity. Before selecting your tank, we would suggest that you consider what your stored water is intended to be used for, will it be a backup supply or used for grey or mains water?

How much available surface space is available for your water tank? If the water tank is purely being installed for rainwater harvesting, calculations as to the amount of run-off in comparison to the roof surface will determine the size and placement of your tank. Answering these questions will assist us in ensuring that you get maximum use from one or multiple water storage options.

A Fully Integrated Water Storage Solution

Now that the size of your JoJo water tank has been determined as well as usage, installation can commence. If above-ground tanks are selected, Water Pump Group would suggest that they be placed on a level surface or a properly designed stand. The installation of piping near your gutters will ensure that rainfall gets to your tank, and booster pumps will supply the water to your irrigation system or chosen outlet at the correct pressure and flow rates.

Keeping Your JoJo Tank Free of Debris

The inner lining of JoJo tanks is made from an FDA-approved food-grade carbon black liner preventing algae growth and protecting the quality of the water. Mesh at the opening of the tank assists in keeping debris, such as leaves, out of the tank. As the water is stagnant, we would suggest that mosquito screens are placed at the overflows and inlets, blocking the entry of bugs whilst allowing the water to flow through. If you are considering your water tank installation for more than grey water usage or irrigation, a filtration system would need to be installed.

At Water Pump Group, we are passionate about sustainable and reliable water solutions offering water tanks as well as borehole drilling. Our specialised services include pump installations for a wide industry sector allowing us to provide you with an independent water supply. Contact us for your water tank or borehole installation today.