Want the Sun to Pump Your Water for You?

For the ultimate in off-grid, smart living, a solar borehole pump is hard to beat. That’s right. From a “nice idea” for years and years, these pumps have been evolving into an even better reality over the last few years. Borehole pumps are no exception, and for anyone who’s had to trench and lay cabling for hundreds of metres simply to power their underground water supply, this will be very welcome news.

Not only do these devices recoup their initial outlay quickly as cost savings on electricity, but the reduced maintenance is also a joy to experience. No more damaged or cut cables, with breakages that could be anywhere on a long line, no fiddly electrics that everyone has had a crack at – solar borehole pumps represent new effectiveness in underground water use. Even less than ideal locales (extensively shaded) can employ one and still avoid lengthy trenches for connecting cables, assuming the demands for underground water are modest (a household or small garden), as the pump can run during the (sunny) day and fill a storage tank that can be utilised as needed.

Smart, Simple and Effective Technology at Work

In its most elementary depiction, a solar borehole pump is the conventional submersible anyone will recognise as the same as the one they popped down a hole before. The real innovation comes at the power end, however, where both municipal power and Eskom can take the proverbial hike! Powered by the sun, these units offer quiet and efficient operation and delivery, and they also involve far less disturbance for the borehole surrounds than conventional installations.

No extensive digging, no massive, armoured cable expenses. On that basis alone, they are a huge step up from the conventional exercise. Not only homeowners, smallholders, and farmers benefit from sun-driven units. Think of how much more natural any borehole in a game park setting becomes when a solar pump is employed. Sun-harnessed power has been refining and improving for some years now, with South Africa also instrumental in some notable advances. While the Internet of Things (IoT) advances and tech continues to alternately alarm and dazzle with its capabilities, solar power has been muted yet quietly improving in leaps and bounds over the last decade.

Units from the Water Pump Group Are the Next Level

If you’re sinking a borehole or re-equipping an existing one, you might find a sun-powered system meets all of your needs while shrinking your power bill too. OK, we’re lying – it eliminates your power bill, at least that component of it, and at no compromise on performance either. Right there is all anyone needs to know to be hugely in favour of a solar borehole pump, as electricity in this country is not only pricey nowadays, it’s erratic.

It might have taken a while to become a solid, functional reality, but today’s solar borehole pumps are performing as needed and bringing loads of relief to many who simply couldn’t afford the high cost of lengthy cabling that utilising their underground water would have demanded. Call on us, and we’ll walk you through what this installation entails and how it can save you a whack over time. It’s a smart solution, and when you deal with us, it comes with top-end service and all the expertise you’ll need to start saving from day one.