Irrigation | Various Pump Solutions for Irrigation

Optimising Water Management: Pump Solutions for Efficient Irrigation

Ancient civilisations pioneered the first irrigation techniques by diverting flood waters to crop fields. With modern technology and a society that is more aware than ever of the importance of optimising water management, the agricultural sector in particular uses alternate water sources for irrigation and watering of livestock. At Water Pump Group, we understand the importance of using water tanks, reservoirs and boreholes for irrigation and how selecting the right type of pumps will get the water to where it needs to be.

Which Types of Pumps are used for Irrigation?

When water needs to be transferred from an alternate source to an irrigation system, Water Pump Group would recommend that both a submersible and booster pump is used. As part of an integrated irrigation system, each type of pump is uniquely designed to supply water at specific pressure and flow rates continuously, thereby enhancing plant growth and crop yields. With fewer moving parts translating into little to no maintenance, submersible and booster pumps have proven their efficacy by providing the agricultural sector with the means to optimise water usage yet still gain high irrigation efficiency.

Submersible Pumps for Irrigation

The purpose of submersible pumps is to push water from a source to the surface where it can then be pumped through carefully placed piping and ultimately to an irrigation system. As these pumps are hermetically sealed, they can be fully submerged in the liquid that is being pumped. Submersible pumps rely on the pressure from the water pulling into the pump and then impellers pushing the water to the surface, making them highly energy efficient.

Booster Pumps for Increased Pressure and Flow

take in water from the source and then release it through an outlet at the desired pressure. Basically, booster pumps act as the intermediary between a water source and the endpoints, such as sprinklers. This increased pressure supply improves the spray distance whilst irrigating.

Agriculture is an industry that is relied upon to provide nations with one of the most basic necessities; food. To continue producing bountiful yields, Water Pump Group can assist in optimising water management through efficient and effective pump installations as well as quality irrigation systems.

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At Water Pump Group, we are passionate about supplying the best sustainable and reliable solutions at affordable prices and within the shortest time frame. For over 13 years we have been supplying several sectors with effective water management solutions through our range of JoJo water tanks and borehole drilling services. Contact us to find out more about how our specialised services and irrigation accessories can benefit your yields.