JoJo Tanks

Why is it Important to Have a JoJo Tank?

Harnessing natural resources to provide energy and water is growing in momentum with more households choosing to be self-reliant. Solar panels are an alternative energy source and rainwater harvesting, by having JoJo tanks installed through the Water Pump Group, has become an alternative water supply. With South Africa’s infrastructural concerns, the supply and demand for water have resulted in poor, and in some instances, lack of, water supply. Having the ability and means to harvest rainwater will alleviate the strain on local municipal water services and provide your household with a continuous supply of fresh water.

Why Waste It When You Can Harvest It

Any residual doubt that you may have regarding rainwater harvesting can be laid to rest when you realise the numerous benefits, including having one or more JoJo tanks installed.

  • Rainwater storage – during heavy rainfalls water runs off the roof, along the gutters, down the downpipes and into nowhere. Instead of losing all that water, think of having tanks installed where run-off is the heaviest.
  • Reduced costs – water costs can be excessive, especially for larger households. Harvesting water will significantly reduce your monthly water bill.
  • Water restrictions – the lack of rain in a lot of areas has led to harsh water restrictions. With water collection tanks you can be assured of a continuous supply of water that you can use to keep your garden alive without breaking any laws.
  • Self-sustainable water source – whether you use your JoJo tanks as a backup or rely on them as the main water source, you will always have a supply of fresh water.
  • Freedom to do things your way – you get to decide on the amount of water you want to store, whether it be 210 litres or 20 000 litres, the choice is yours.

Making It Easier for All

JoJo tanks have made it easier for all to harvest rainwater. If you stay in a garden cottage or ground floor flat, there is no excuse to not do your bit as JoJo tanks have a Slimline range, which holds up to 2500 litres of water and is designed to fit small spaces.

Where once water was considered an infinite resource, the reality is that it is finite and if alternate solutions are not considered, the water crisis that we are facing will get worse. Do your bit by purchasing your JoJo tank.

Sustainable Reliable Solutions

If you need advice on the JoJo tank that is best for your property size, contact the experts in sustainable water solutions, Water Pump Group. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, you can trust us with the installation of your JoJo tank. Contact us and we will gladly advise you on the best model for your specific space. After all, sustainable and reliable solutions are our speciality.