Solar Pump Installation

The Costs and Savings of a Solar Pump Installation

Several industries rely heavily on pumps to supply water, and a lack of water can be disastrous if power is disrupted or poor. When considering such costs against the long-term savings of a solar pump installation, the benefits of having solar pumps installed far outweigh the initial financial outlay. At Water Pump Group, we understand how crucial it is to have sufficient access to water and would like to highlight the advantages of investing in a solar pump.

1) Relying on renewable energy

As the power to solar pumps is generated through solar panels, the need to rely on fuel or electricity to supply water is eliminated. A solar pump installation can be done quite far from a power source, which reduces the cost of feeding electricity from a central point to a remote location.

2) Lowered overall costs

If a fuel pump is being used, the risk of continuous maintenance is high as well as the costs of constantly having to top up fuel supplies. Less mechanical components make it easier to maintain solar pumps and the costs for any repairs are considerably lower. A well-maintained solar pump installation can last for many years, as long as its panels are kept clean. As a solar pump relies on the sun for power, the operational costs are minimal. Instead of paying a fortune in monthly electricity bills, there will be quite a reduction, saving further on expenses.

3) Efficient and effective

Advancements in technology have seen a drastic improvement in solar systems, making them more efficient than ever. The South African climate is perfect for solar pump installations as it has the benefit of sun throughout the entire year and therefore a viable option to have these systems installed.

4) Worth the investment

If the upfront costs are alarming, calculate the monthly maintenance and electricity or fuel costs against the cost of the solar pump installation over time. There is a significant cost difference, making the initial investment worthwhile in terms of long-term savings and benefits.

5) Looking toward the future

For the agricultural sector, relying on rainfall is no longer viable. Having a solar pump installation near an irrigation

Experts in the Pump Industry

At Water Pump Group we supply 3- and 4-inch solar pumps with variable flow rates, making it possible for our solar pumps to be installed and used for irrigation as well as being part of a water supply system in remote areas. We have made it our mission for more than 13 years to supply the best sustainable and reliable solutions within South Africa. Contact usto find out more about how our solar and other pumping systems can work for you.