Rainwater Collection

Why Rainwater Collection Is Essential for Property Owners in South Africa

Although water is still in ample supply, periods of drought, polluted sources, and the need to conserve resources make rainwater collection a necessity rather than a choice. South Africa counts among some of the driest countries in the world. Large parts of the country have exceptionally low annual rainfall. By taking the responsible step towards becoming self-sustaining rather than relying on overloaded public and utility service provision, you minimise the risk of not having water during load shedding or supply interruptions.

Apart from mitigating utility supply interruption risks, rainwater collection enables you to reduce your monthly utility bill. This can be beneficial if you have a swimming pool that requires topping up or if you need to flush the system every once in a while. Irrigation from the collection tank holds the benefit of having a clean supply of water for the vegetables and lawn. Indeed, you can use the collected water for animals, car washing, cleaning the paved areas, laundry, and more.

It is also possible to use the collected water for drinking, especially if your home is not connected to the water mains as supplied by municipalities. Rainwater collection tanks add value and certainly improve the sustainability profile of the property. That said, make sure you get the required permission for collection in an urban area.

What Tank Should You Choose?

Armed with knowledge about the benefits of rainwater collection, which tanks to choose? Don’t make the mistake of using a corrugated steel tank if you want to drink the water. You need a tank that will not leach chemicals when exposed to the heat of the sun. Also, choose one with a long lifespan. The material must not rust when exposed to natural elements, and you most certainly don’t want something that must be painted to protect it from UV effects.

The solution is to get JoJo and sectional tanks to meet your specific collection needs. To this end, you will appreciate our expertise, range of products, and installation know-how. We also supply pumps, booster pumps, and pipe systems. Indeed, we can help you calculate the required size and pumps needed for your particular usage needs.

The tanks enable you to harvest water from roofs for free. We offer various pumps and fittings to help you optimise the potential of the harvesting and storing system. Installation is done professionally while the maintenance on such a system is exceptionally low. For an above-ground tank system, you will need the tank, fittings, and pump and pre-filtration system to ensure it is potable if you want to use it for domestic applications.

If rainwater collection is your only source of water, then consider a system that allows for 30 000 litres or more to ensure you have enough water for general household use. For a backup system in case of service supply interruptions, you can get away with a much smaller unit. Our consultants are here to help determine the appropriate size tank, pump system, filtration unit, and fittings according to the rainfall in your area, climate, the intended use of the resource, and the available space. As such, you don’t have to be concerned that the tank and pump system will not meet your particular needs.

In Conclusion

Eliminate the risk of being without an essential resource during restrictions. Get in touch for more information and quotes on the supply and installation of rainwater collection systems to meet your application needs.