Water Tank | Importance of Having a Water Tank Installed

Water Tank Solutions for Every Need: Expert Insights from Water Pump Group

As the El Nino phenomenon impacts summer rainfall patterns and the prediction of drier-than-usual conditions in South Africa, ultimately leading to harsh water restrictions, the importance of installing a water tank on your property is more crucial than ever. If you’re concerned about space constraints or drinking water safety, Water Pump Group is here to address these concerns and point out the significance of water tank installations, regardless of weather patterns.

Major Benefits and Considerations for Water Tank Installations

Before we delve into whether there is a water tank suitable for you, Water Pump Group would suggest that you decide what the tank will be used for. First off, consider how often you use water during the day. You use it to carry out household chores, brush your teeth, shower, flush toilets, in food preparation, water your garden and so much more. Having that supply interrupted for hours or days on end due to poor municipal supply will leave you in a pickle. Do you want your water tank for grey water use only or as your main water source?

This information will assist us in advising you on the size of water tank you need and ensure that your installation, pump and piping system feed the right areas in and around your home.

Water Tanks to Suit Your Needs and Property Size

The concept of “one size fits all” doesn’t apply to water tanks. Water tank manufacturers have taken into consideration that the water crisis affects more than just farmers and big property owners. With storage capacity starting at 1000 litres, anyone can begin their water harvesting solutions, even those in flats or complexes with small gardens. Underground storage tanks provide you with ample water which, when coupled to filtration systems, can be pumped through the tank into your home or purely used for irrigation. The multiple options afforded to you by investing in a water tank will have you wondering why you’ve never thought of it before.

Conserve Water Always

Water Pump Group’s expertise in supplying and sourcing alternate water solutions extends to borehole installations. Boreholes used together with water tanks will provide you with a complete self-sufficient water system that will last for decades. It is here where we would like to remind you that even boreholes can run dry, so please use water sparingly even if it seems that you have an endless supply.

Although we are well-known for our pumping systems, we are passionate about providing the best possible sustainable reliable solutions to the farming community, businesses and property owners alike. If you are still unsure as to whether a water tank is worth the investment, feel free to contact us.