If Ever There Was a Time to Install a Jojo Tank…

A Jojo water tank is one of those things that, once it’s installed, makes you wonder how you ever lived without it. Whenever there’s no water in your neighbourhood and you spot a few people who still have a spring in their step – chances are high that those are the ones who opted for a Jojo tank installation. With the cost of water in South Africa having taken a leap a decade or so ago, it’s been slowly escalating ever since, and today it’s not just farmers and smallholders who boast a water tank or two atop their tall stands. Savvy citizens have cottoned on to the reality that even as a rain harvesting exercise where the Jojo tank is installed on ground level, not only do they fill up for free, but they also hold a lot of water, too.

The reason why Jojo tank installations have skyrocketed is apparent from a simple exercise anyone can perform if you’d like to discover the real value of a tank. If you look at your current per litre water cost, and factor that into your Jojo’s capacity – 5 000 or 10 000 L, let’s say – that makes for a tidy sum standing outside in the yard. Their value is obvious, and nothing quite beats the joy of opening a tap and letting the water flow, knowing that it’s coming straight from your very own Jojo tank, off-grid, and completely free.

An Investment that Earns a Return Quickly, and Keeps Giving

Another contributor to Jojo tank installations’ popularity is that fact that Jojo tanks have remained highly competitive on price, no matter that there is now an influx of wannabe brands on the local market, too. The cost per stored litre has remained low. Moreover, a Jojo tank is an investment that really comes back singing out loud – the average homeowner will recoup the cost of their tank within a year of active use, when offset against municipal water charges. For commercial purposes, in the case of farmers, smallholders, and many other commercial Jojo tank installations, the return is even faster.

Jojo water tanks have an excellent name in South Africa, being durable and long-lasting. Indeed, most people refer to water storage tanks as “Jojos”, just like many people still call vacuum cleaners “Hoovers”. Only products with widespread uptake and great value make it into that echelon. It’s revealing that Jojo tank installations dominate the agricultural sector as farmers are known for careful costings and wise purchasing. Certainly, also a factor for retail customers, Jojo tank installations are quick and tidy – no lengthy work periods and no mess.

Water Pump Group

Water Pump Group has been installing Jojo tanks for years, and we’re the first choice for commercial or residential Jojo tank installations because we do it right the first time around. To boot, we’re quick and efficient, and our service is affordable. We take great care when on customers’ premises, and we don't do a half-job. You can trust Water Pump Group to leave you with but a single task: turning the tap open.

Call on us for a higher standard of Jojo tank installation, and it will be our pleasure to make sure that you get the service you deserve and the water you’d prefer.