How Irrigation Suppliers Contribute to Water Conservation

How Irrigation Suppliers Contribute to Water Conservation

Despite the impact of the pandemic, rapid population growth and the need to feed almost nine billion people continue to pose a daunting challenge. Growing food requires water, and our potable reserves are limited. In practice, the task of growing crops and raising cattle consumes more than twice the volume of water used by households. While we clearly can't abandon agriculture, we must adopt ways to make it more sustainable. Fortunately, we can achieve that sustainability with the help of irrigation suppliers.

The need to use water more efficiently applies not just to farmers but to all consumers. Most farms rely almost entirely on boreholes, and many homeowners now do the same. However, the more consumers adopt this practice, the less the risk of a supply crisis. That said, conservation is not the only benefit of installing a watering system. The alternative for farmers would be to employ motorised tankers with spraying equipment. This time-consuming option also results in avoidable emissions.

By contrast, irrigation suppliers offer a system that requires nothing more than to be switched on or off, if desired, by an automatic timer. More importantly, the system will enable improved balance and consistency. These systems distribute the water evenly, and each plant will receive an equal and adequate share. Furthermore, none will be wasted and, by avoiding the need for manual watering, labour costs are also reduced.

What works on a farm can work equally well at home. A sprinkler system is a perfect way to keep a lawn in peak condition while conserving water. Often, irrigation suppliers offer combined systems users can adjust to meet the individual requirements of lawns, succulents, and flowering plants. Most amateur gardeners know that timing is vital for plants to benefit fully. However, it's not always convenient to drop everything else and grab the hose. With an automated system, timing concerns disappear. Whatever the choice, owners can expect to save around 20 to 50 per cent on their monthly municipal bill when they abandon their hoses and watering cans.

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Many irrigation suppliers also provide submersible pumps and borehole drilling services. The option virtually eliminates the cost of watering. Furthermore, borehole water can be suitable for most domestic purposes and guaranteed safe to drink with some additional treatment. The option could mean even lower bills and supply continuity during drought periods.

We all need to save money and do whatever we can to prevent a supply crisis. The Water Pump Group is one of the nation's leading irrigation suppliers. The company offers expert advice for farmers and homeowners while providing world-class equipment and services to support the crucial drive to conserve water.