Borehole drilling contractors

In the Market for a Borehole Drilling Contractor?

When it comes to accessing groundwater, not all borehole drilling contractors are created equal. You might assume that there can’t be too much difference between operators in such a specialised, yet competitive, niche service provision, but it’s the little things that separate great contractors from others.

For one thing, preserving the purity of the underground water supply during drilling is a hugely important service to provide, failing which a horrible oily layer will settle over your “pure” borehole water. Seen from that point of view, it becomes important to seek out borehole drilling contractors who have a professional approach and share your concerns, even while they’re busy putting them to rest.

Why a Borehole?

Many reasons are given for why people drill boreholes, but apart from agriculture and big industry, retail drilling is usually a quest for clean, unpurified water by citizens tired of tap water’s artificial taste. The price of piped water in South Africa is also a big motivation, one that’s unlikely to ever fall away. Municipal water keeps increasing in price.

Boreholes might demand an upfront cost, but it’s pretty much a free ride forever thereafter, except some maintenance and replacements over the years. How much do you save by drawing on a borehole instead of the local municipal water? It’s hard to give exact figures, only because municipalities differ in their pricing, but suffice to say that there is always a dramatic saving after drilling for water and equipping the borehole.

Where Can You Pay Less for a Better Product?

Homeowners can expect to shed an average of 80 percent of their usual water bill, and the only reason it’s not 100 percent is because in the offset, more electricity is consumed to run the borehole pump, and so it takes a little back from savings. That said, the upfront costs are worth it, and typically recouped after 18 months to two years. For the quality of water attained and the massive reduction in the water bill, it’s a no-brainer.

Indeed, commissioning a borehole drilling contractor to commence operations so that you can start to utilise groundwater propels people into a rarely encountered scenario – you’re getting a vastly better product for a fraction of the usual price. That makes borehole water one of only a very few products that can claim such value. As microplastics and other insidious contaminants rise in human consciousness, the health preservation intrinsic to borehole water is extremely valid today, and likely to become a huge consideration for future generations.

Other Attributes of a Great Borehole Drilling Contractor

The best borehole drilling contractors will liaise extensively, and report even more extensively – you’ll be informed every step of the way about the “what and why” of what’s happening on your land. Initial response will be quick, and site evaluations or testing will be swift and comprehensive, too.

If you’re looking to access the groundwater beneath your feet with one or 100 boreholes, call on Water Pump Group to get it sorted, top to bottom, all puns intended. We’re borehole drilling contractors running modern rigs, servicing retail, commercial, industrial, and agricultural clients. We get things done smartly, and with minimum disruption. Call us – we’re proud professionals and we aim to please!