Sustainable Water Solutions: Harnessing the Power of Bore Hole Drilling

With the summer season in most areas being drier than normal, perhaps it’s time to save the rainwater you have harvested in your tanks and consider bore hole drilling for a more sustainable water supply. As a long-term investment and when well maintained, your bore hole can last for decades. At Water Pump Group, we are passionate about sustainable, reliable solutions and together with our expert pump installations can provide you with an alternative water source that can be used in conjunction with water tanks.

Sustainable Drilling Practices

Water Pump Group is environmentally conscious and understands the impact that bore hole drilling has on ecology and local biodiversity. We are constantly upgrading resources, technology and working practices enabling us to drill with minimal impact on the ground hydrology and surrounding ecological systems. During the drilling process, every precaution is taken to ensure that the aquifer is not polluted. The sustainable use of a natural water source combined with our responsible bore hole drilling techniques can have a lesser impact than relying on municipal supply.

Testing Before Final Installation

Bore hole drilling will provide you with an adequate water source as long as the necessary tests have been conducted before installation is completed. After all, you would like your borehole to produce sufficient yields for decades to come. Yield tests are required to determine the characteristics of the drilled borehole being pumped and the optimal rate at which it should be pumped.

Importance of yield tests

Yield tests are vital as they determine the balance between the maximum amount of water that can be drawn against the amount of water replenished by the groundwater source. A bore hole should never be pumped to the point that the water level reaches the main water strike as this will eventually deplete the natural supply. At Water Pump Group, we will conduct step-drawdown and recovery tests, thereby ensuring sufficient bore hole yields.

Step-drawdown tests

In this test, we increase the pumping intervals to determine the effectiveness of the bore hole. As bore hole drilling is required to provide a sustainable yield, a constant discharge rate test enables us to observe and analyse the water levels over a certain period.

Recovery tests

After the constant rate test, the pump is immediately switched off, allowing us to measure the recovering groundwater levels. The recovery test enables us to better assess the pumping effect against possible dewatering of the aquifers.

With over 13 years of experience in the pump industry and being vehement in supplying affordable, sustainable and reliable solutions to all South Africans, Water Pump Group can provide you with a long-term alternative to the current water crisis. Contact us for more information on how our bore hole drilling services, combined with water collection tanks can keep you sustained for decades.