Booster Pump Installation

The Benefits of Booster Pump Installation

Booster water pumps are a popular pick amongst our customers and help to increase the volume and pressure of water that comes out of the tap. With these models, expert installation is key to ensure that they meet your needs and are fitted in adherence to industry standards. Low water pressure can be incredibly frustrating, and booster pumps ensure that everyday tasks are an easier feat.

True to their name, the pumps boost the water flow and ensure that the water pressure reaches a desirable level. Here at Water Pump Group, we manufacture a range of these devices and our product range includes single, twin, and triple sets. They each boast variable speed drives and are ready for use upon purchase. We also specialise in installation to ensure that all our products meet industry standards.

Booster pump installation happens in a range of industries and fields including domestic spaces, construction sites, and the mining industry. There are a range of benefits when it comes to booster pump installation, including:

  • Increasing water pressure and volume to a desirable level. This makes everyday tasks such as showering, brushing your teeth, and washing dishes easier.
  • Easy to transport and compact. These devices can thus be used for a variety of applications and be moved if and when needed.
  • Enhancing irrigation on farms and ensure that water is not wasted. This is important in times of drought and to optimise the sustainable usage of available resources.
  • They can even provide the required water pressure in multi-storey apartment blocks and complexes.
  • They can be turned on and off as required and thus need not be kept on when not in use. This is ideal for holiday homes, which are only used occasional.

The installation of these devices is thus beneficial to both commercial spaces and domestic or residential areas. Besides booster pump installation, we also make shafts, pump sleeves, steel base plates, and impellor wearings. Whatever your water pump needs, we have you covered. Check out our automatic booster models and find the best device for your home or business today.

Why Choose Us for All Your Installation Needs?

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