Benefits of Using Africa Tanks

The Benefits of Using Africa Tanks for Your Reservoir

Water is becoming scarce and water storage, harvesting and saving solutions have become a necessity to protect this natural resource. When relying on municipal water isn’t always an option, especially in areas where access to running water is limited or non-existent, water storage is. Rainwater harvesting has gained momentum with more households utilising it for their water supply. Consider Africa Tanks to guarantee that your water supplies are always available when you need them.

Why Use Africa Tanks for Your Water Reserves?

Being able to supply the local market with a product that is affordable, strong, can withstand the African climate and produce food-grade water storage is what you can expect from Africa Tanks.

The tanks boast a three-layer profile giving them unbreakable strength:

  • An outer layer that is UV stabilised and modified to ensure high resistance to UV degradation.
  • A middle layer that is black blocks out sunlight or UV radiation and ensures that there are no algae and bacterial growth inside the tank.
  • An inner layer made from food-grade HDPE material ensures that the water is safe for consumption. The opaque inner layer makes inspection inside the tank easier and more accurate to gauge.

There are those who are hesitant to consider going the rainwater harvesting route as they fear the water might get contaminated. Africa Tanks are fitted with an insect-proof overflow made from UV polypropylene, and heat-welded stainless-steel mesh. This mesh prevents leaves, insects and other debris from entering the tank and contaminating the water.

All Africa Tanks come equipped with screw-on lids preventing anyone or anything from falling in.

Starting Your Reservoir with Africa Tanks

Planning for the future can secure your water supply. Start your reservoir with Africa Tanks. The revolutionary design makes them easily stackable, putting no limitations on the amount of water that can be stored.

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A steady water supply is essential for the survival of crops and livestock if you are the owner of a small holding or farm. Even if smaller agricultural farms have existing reservoirs, having stored water tanks will allow crop irrigation and livestock watering year-round in the instance that reservoirs should become dry.

At Water Pump Group, we understand the necessity of rainwater harvesting. Our expertise lies in the pump industry where we supply pumping solutions for water tanks as well as boreholes. Our vision is to supply the best sustainable and reliable solutions to our clients all over South Africa. Contact us and we will find the right water harvesting solution for you.