Solar Borehole Pump

Benefits of Switching to a Solar Borehole Pump

Many solutions have been found to replenish depleting water reserves in the form of rainwater harvesting and borehole systems. However, intermittent power supply has left many seeking an alternative source of energy to keep the water flowing. Installing a solar borehole pump provides a continuous uninterrupted flow of water when power utilities can’t. At Water Pump Group, we have made it our mission to provide the best sustainable reliable solutions by supplying quality solar pumps for borehole systems.

A Consistent Self Sufficient Water Source

Remote communities and farmers rely heavily on boreholes for their water supply and having the means to gain continual access to water through a solar borehole pump alleviates concerns when the power supply is minimalistic or in some instances, non-existent.

A Cost Effective Long Term Solution

With more people turning towards solar as the answer to the country’s energy crisis, what used to be unattainable to most is now becoming an affordable solution. Diesel or petrol borehole pumps may seem like a more cost-effective alternative however, when factoring into account that pumps need to run for hours at a time, especially for crop irrigation, it becomes a costly exercise. Investing in a solar borehole pump provides an effective long-term solution that pays for itself.

A Renewable Energy Source

As a country that has more sunny days than cloudy ones, using sunshine as a renewable source of energy makes sense. Many would argue that a battery backup system is just as good, however, batteries need to be charged and without electricity, this becomes a futile effort. As the energy needed to run the solar borehole pump is acquired from the sun, there is no need for an external source of power that benefits remote areas without access to power.

A Continuous Working System

Improvements in technology have produced solar-powered pumps that are able to pump higher volumes of water from almost any depth, providing a continuous supply of water with consistent flow rates, perfect for micro-irrigation. Finding a reliable way to increase farm productivity and provide access to water for all is possible.

The benefits of having solar borehole pumps in the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors, as well as communities and households, could make this renewable energy and water solution a viable option for decades to come.

Leaders in Sustainable Solutions

For over 13 years, Water Pump Group has been supplying and installing pumps for various sectors of industry as well as farming communities. We have the expertise to set up your borehole system for you, from drilling and testing right through to the installation of the solar pump. Our services extend to yield, step-drawdown and recovery tests to ensure that your borehole pump system works effectively at all times. Contact us