Benefits of Installing a Water Tank

Mention a water tank when in conversation with the average South African farmer, and you can be sure some reference to JoJo will follow. The JoJo company's rugged polyethylene vessels have become a common sight in all of the nation's nine provinces. An innovative farmer initially designed these iconic containers for his personal use. However, the plastic vessels soon caught the eye of neighbouring farmers wanting to purchase one. Before long, the JoJo brand became a household name.

While some areas were spared the severe drought conditions that came close to leaving Cape Town's taps dry, intermittent shortages and usage restrictions are common everywhere. Owning a JoJo tank offers home and business owners a means to store municipal water to help them cope when that supply is interrupted. Given the mounting need to conserve the nation's reserves, using these vessels to store harvested rainwater makes more sense.

Typically, rainfall in most parts of South Africa tends to be infrequent. However, when it does occur, it is usually heavy. Also, most of the precipitation would generally be lost to storm drains or absorbed by the soil. Instead, one can divert the runoff from rooftops and gutters and collect it in a tank. The harvested rainwater will be suitable to wash cars, irrigate lawns and flower beds or top up a swimming pool. Furthermore, the choice will help to conserve municipal supplies and reduce your monthly bills.

While the borehole has been a mainstay for the nation's farmers for many years, the ability to supplement the municipal supply from underground sources has fuelled increased interest from homeowners and businesses. However, the product of an aquifer is generally of high quality. Consequently, it should require relatively little additional processing to render it safe to drink. The untreated portion can be stored in a suitable water tank and used for cleaning and other outdoor tasks. However, the treated part could be merged with the municipal supply and used throughout the home or business.

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When droughts occur, the consequences are often devastating. Sadly, it is frequently those who live in the remote rural areas of South Africa who are most affected. Also, construction companies rely heavily on water for many purposes. They must continue to operate even during times of drought and usage restrictions. Fortunately, there is a way to help the isolated villagers and construction companies cope during a drought. JoJo produces a horizontal tank that one can transport on a truck or trailer. These and a wide range of vertical, cylindrical units are all available from the Water Pump Group.