Water Storage Tanks for Sale

Water Storage Tanks for Sale in South Africa Attracting More Interest

It may be the result of a need to save some hard-earned cash, as a sign of increased concern for the environment, or simply a panic response to South Africa’s impending water crisis highlighted by the recent events in the Mother City. Whatever the explanation, consumers in many cities and towns across the nation have been showing an increased interest in the various water storage tanks offered for sale by local suppliers.

Many parts of the country are, of course, officially designated as semi-arid in nature. However, rainfall patterns nationwide have also changed, perhaps due, at least in part, to the effects of global warming. In addition, the steadily increasing consumption of water by agriculture, industry, and a growing population has seen efforts to purify grey and black wastewater in order to boost potable reserves, become progressively less effective. The result is that every citizen, whether a domestic or commercial consumer, now has a responsibility to use this vital commodity less wastefully. Purchasing one of the water storage tanks available for sale would be an excellent start.

The most basic use for these containers is to collect and store rainwater. This can then be used at some future date for a variety of tasks. These include cleaning cars, quad bikes and the like, as well as keeping the lawn a healthy green and the flowers in the herbaceous border that surrounds it looking their best while, in the process, cutting the monthly municipal bill by a few rands. For even bigger cash savings and with far greater impact as a means to help conserve the country’s endangered reserves, when combined with suitable treatments, water storage tanks can be used to collect and process wastewater also. Offered for sale at reasonable prices, an average household can recoup the cost of purchase fairly quickly as the direct result of its subsequent reduced reliance upon the increasingly expensive municipal supply.

As with most purchases, it pays to insist upon quality and these items are no exception, Known and respected throughout South Africa, as well as in other African countries beyond our borders, JoJo products are typified by their robust construction and practical designs. Made from high-quality polyethylene, resistant to the damaging effects of ultraviolet light, these water storage tanks are available for sale from numerous suppliers. It is advisable, however, to purchase them from a JoJo accredited installer such as Water Pump Group, a company with many years of experience and our head office in the Boschkop area of Pretoria.

The manufacturer produces models for rainwater and greywater harvesting, for municipal backup purposes, sanitation storage solutions and even fully integrated systems combining some municipal backup with rainwater harvesting along with filtration and sterilisation facilities to ensure users always have a reserve supply suitable for all purposes, should it be required.

Equally suitable for string fertilisers chemicals and other liquids, water storage tanks for sale by Water Pump Group come in a range of sizes and includes both vertical and horizontal models, low profile units and units designed to be installed underground, as well as the pipes, pumping equipment and any other accessories that may prove necessary in order to fully meet the individual needs of the customer. Essentially, we offer you everything you need to ensure that you can save water.

For more information on our water storage tanks range, feel free to contact us. One of our friendly team members will assist you to ensure that you get exactly what you need.



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