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Prepare for Every Eventuality with the Latest Innovation in Water Pump Technology

Everyone is aware of the water crisis staring South Africa in the face. Industry and residential users all face the same problem: the taps running dry. Luckily, South Africa is well prepared with exceptional water pump technologies at the ready to help both the residential and corporate sectors harness the rich natural sources of water available.

There are different types of water pumps aimed at different applications. At Water Pump Group, we bring more than 13 years of industry experience to every pump that we supply, install and repair. Our specialty extends to supplying, installing and repairing pumps of different sizes, makes and models.

We have developed an extensive and industry-leading range of water pumps that is able to meet all of the demands of Gauteng’s water industry. Here are only a few of the pumps available in our catalogue.

Borehole Pumps

  • 3-inch Pump: Our 3-inch borehole pump is ideal to subtract water from wells, boreholes, rivers and reservoirs. Its application extends to use in domestic, agricultural and rural systems.
  • 4-inch Pump: The 4-inch borehole pump is suited to subtracting water from wells, boreholes, rivers and reservoirs, and offers a flow rate ranging from 600 I/h to 20 000 I/h.
  • 6-inch Pump: Our 6-inch borehole pump offers a high pressure and delivery ratio. With extended pump life and exceptional ease of operation, you can look forward to excellent value for money.

Booster Pumps

We manufacture single, twin and triple booster pump sets. Each pump comes with variable speed drives and ready, plug-and-play operation for use in domestic, mining and construction sector applications. We also specialise in manufacturing steel base plates, pump sleeves, shafts and impellor bearings.

Solar Pumps

All of our solar pumps are known for their incredible durability and strength. They perform best in applications such as livestock watering, pond aeration, irrigation and supplying water to remotely situated homes.

Their features include:

  • A long-life motor with replaceable brushes;
  • The pump can run dry without suffering damage;
  • It is suitable for use in 4-inch and larger wells; and
  • Its corrosion-proof housing comes with stainless steel fasteners

Slurry Pumps

Our slurry pumps are manufactured for use in the construction, mining and industrial industries, and are perfectly suited for the dewatering of light and heavy sewage and waste water. The pumps come available in 2-inch to 12-inch denominations, and feature flow rates from 10 000 I/h to
1 500 000 I/h.

Why Partner with Water Pump Group?

Water Pump Group is well known for our expertise in the pump industry. We have been operating since 2008, and since then have firmly established ourselves as leaders in our industry. The sectors that we operate in include the domestic market, engineering, mining, building and construction sectors, as well as with farming communities and local authorities.

We are proud of our long history of celebrated service in the industry. If you are in need of water pump technology that will last longer, perform better and deliver greater value, speak to our team of seasoned industry professionals today for a quote.



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