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It is unlikely that many of us who regularly fill our kettles and automatic washing machines from a tap give a great deal of thought to just how the life-giving liquid makes its way into our homes. By contrast, however, should the flow to our taps be interrupted for any reason, each one of us likely to be well aware of the inconvenience that will inevitably ensue. In practice, it is not only the domestic user that is so dependent on an uninterrupted supply. South Africa’s mining industry, manufacturers, construction companies, fire brigades and, in particular, its farmers, are even more reliant on continuous access to water, as well as on the suppliers of the pump installations that are essential for its delivery.

While it is commonly believed that the agricultural industry consumes the largest share of this vital commodity, this is not, actually, the case. In fact, irrigation accounts for around half of the nation’s annual usage and since very little of this is delivered by municipalities, the bulk must be drawn either from nearby rivers or from aquifers buried deep beneath the ground.

In the latter situation, it will be necessary to drill a borehole to gain access to the underground reserves that have accumulated, either due to rainfall percolating from above, or seepage from a river. The task calls for a specialist and several exploratory drillings may prove necessary before a sufficiently large source is located. During the main drilling, which may extend to a depth of as much as 150 m or more, a lining is inserted to prevent the collapse of the shaft and to ensure the water does not become contaminated. A submersible pump will be required to raise the water to ground level and, in some cases, the suppliers may also be able to undertake the drilling and installation processes.

While generally much narrower than those employed for agricultural irrigation, the use of boreholes by homeowners is growing steadily. Once seen as a means of ensuring a sparkling pool and an emerald green lawn during dry spells when constraints are often applied to the use of municipal supplies, today the motivation for drilling one’s own well is more likely to be the chance to cut back on one of the the escalating utility bills that South Africans are now faced with each month. Together with rainwater barrels, they can offer significant savings, as well as alleviating some of the pressure on this vital natural resource.

Where water is in constant use, some type of pump will be required and suppliers are required to offer a wide variety of installations for use in an equally wide range of applications. On the mines for instance, they are used as much for drainage of underground workings as they are for delivery purposes. In addition, heavy-duty models are used to provide the extra power needed to transport the more viscous slurries and can also be used for the dewatering of heavy sewage.

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