Water Pump Equipment and Gear

Various Types of Pumping Equipment and their common Uses

Different type of pump equipment and the related gear are designed to serve a variety of purposes but, in each case that purpose will involve the movement of water or some other fluid, a gas, or a liquid suspension of solids. For simplicity, these units may be considered as conforming to one of five basic types, based on their primary use. Each of these, in turn, may employ a number of different principles in order to achieve its goals.

The first of these basic types is designed to remove the gaseous molecules from within a sealed chamber or a pipeline, resulting in the creation of a partial vacuum. A typical application of this principle is to be seen in the highly efficient vacuum braking systems that are commonly fitted to heavy vehicles. Utilising positive pressure rather than vacuum, hydraulic systems can be employed for this and several similar purposes.

Long before the invention of trucks or even push-bikes, however, the Romans raised water from below ground with the aid of a simple precursor to the vacuum devices used today, which is commonly described as a suction pump. They employed it as a means to assist with irrigation and early mining operations but suffered a serious limitation in terms of its performance. The maximum height to which this type of device could raise its liquid load was limited to around nine to ten metres.

Far more suitable for this purpose are the modern units dedicated to such tasks. In addition to constituting a vital component of the equipment and gear required for the operation of a borehole, variations of these devices are also used to circulate coolant through the engine blocks of vehicles, hot water through domestic radiators, and to maintain an adequate pressure within the municipal supply across all floors of a multi-storey building.

Sump or drainage and so-called trash pumps are both used to manage liquids below ground level. The former provides a means to counter flooding in basement areas and may be designed to operate submerged. The latter is commonly used to raise domestic wastewater, which may include solids, from basement bathrooms to ground level where it can then be disposed of into the sewage system with that piped from other floors.

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