Specialists in Borehole Drilling

Why You Need to Employ a Specialist in Borehole Drilling

Most homeowners in Gauteng will have experienced the effects of drought. The long, dry winters that frequently leave the local vegetation parched, creating the perfect conditions for bush fires have long been a feature of the region, as have the periodic water restrictions imposed by municipalities that invariably accompany a prolonged dry spell. Given the added hardship of escalating water tariffs, many of the province’s homeowners are turning to local specialists in borehole drilling to provide them with an alternative water source,

While not necessarily accessible from everywhere, the planet is riddled with underground aquifers that can often extend for vast distances and whose origins range from lakes and distant mountain springs to summer rainfall. Where their paths are sufficiently close to the surface, it is possible to tap into their contents and to make use of them for a variety of tasks.

In practice, with suitable treatment, water from these underground sources can even be rendered pure enough for human consumption. Most often, however, the average homeowner will have chosen to consult a firm of specialists in borehole drilling in order to overcome municipal water restrictions. Typically, these include a ban on the use of hoses, making it difficult to water the lawn, to top up the swimming pool and to clean the family car.

The process is not a simple one and, in practice, there can be no guarantee that a large enough and readily accessible aquifer will be found at any given site. It is therefore, important, when considering the possibility of accessing an underground water source, to appoint a company with extensive experience and skills, as well as access to the latest technology that, together, ensure that one will be dealing with proven specialists in borehole drilling.

The project will begin with a survey. An expert can discern a great deal about what lies beneath merely by observing the characteristics of the surface and nearby surroundings, thus helping to pinpoint the most likely site to set up the drill. Incidentally, the equipment is bulky and an experienced operator will take care to minimise any damage to the property while it is being delivered and removed.

As with any project of this nature, getting a quote is essential. A quote should include an itemised list of charges and detail the work to be undertaken and the terms and conditions that apply. Anyone who claims to be a specialist in borehole drilling will be certain to stipulate the maximum depth of the hole covered under the terms of the quote and will also make it clear that, if no water is found within the agreed depth, additional drilling can be undertaken at the client’s request but will entail additional cost.

Producing the hole is only part of the task and the professional will take the utmost care to prevent any possible contamination of the newly-located water source. This will involve careful insertion of a metal sleeve to preclude the entry of soil in the region above the bedrock and assist the passage of the submersible pump that will deliver the water to the well-head.

In Gauteng, a growing number of homeowners are now turning to the Water Pump Group when searching for proven specialists in borehole drilling. Contact us today for more information.



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