Water Tanks – Save Water This Year

Water Tanks Could Save You Big Bills this Year

Despite the many campaigns aimed at halting or reversing global warming and that frequently refer to the melting of polar icecaps and the resulting threat that coastal towns and other low-lying areas could face a flood of biblical proportions due to the rising sea levels, it may be the shortage rather than any excess of water that poses the more immediate threat. Among the many people that are now choosing to purchase storage tanks to save them from the risk of shortages this year, it is on the cards that simple economics, even more than any concerns they may have regarding the sustainability of this life-giving commodity, may actually be the principal driver behind these purchases.

Local municipalities and utility companies are not alone in their belief that tariff increases are a means to curtail wastage. This is actually a practice that is applied all over the world. Campaigns to encourage the sharing of showers and the re-use of bathwater to water lawns and flowerbeds have also been used almost universally for many years. Despite all such efforts, usage continues to rise and the growing demand is rapidly outstripping the capacity of the suppliers to deliver and, given the semi-arid terrain that comprises much of South Africa, it is a problem that could quickly become far more acute than in those regions of the planet that are geologically younger.

Without a sufficient supply, the wheels of industry would cease to turn and thus tariff increases are more likely to be passed on to the consumer as price hikes than the hoped-for curtailed usage. Domestic users install tanks to collect and store rainwater that cost nothing and/or greywater, for which they have already paid, while the stored liquid may be safely used in a variety of useful ways. This simple purchase could be your way both to save water this year while easing the drain on this threatened resource as well as to cut down on at least one of the monthly bills that you receive from your local municipality.

For anyone familiar with this type of storage vessel in South Africa, it is likely that the first name that comes to mind will be JoJo. A brand that is well known locally for its exceptional quality, durability, and versatility, the company’s products include vertical, horizontal, low-profile, and slim models that can be used for a variety of purposes. The range includes models that are useful to both the domestic and the agricultural user.

Made from UV-resistant polyethylene of the highest quality – though domestic users generally purchase water tanks with a view to harvesting and storing rain and greywater – the range also includes units that may be used to store fertilisers and other chemicals or for sanitation purposes. Along with the vessels themselves, JoJo offers a comprehensive accessory range that includes stands, taps, pumps, and other useful fittings. All of these are available in South Africa from Water Pump Group. If required, the Group’s trained staff are also able undertake an installation tailored to the individual requirements of the client. If you need to save water and expenses this year, give Water Pump Group a call.



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