JoJo Water Tanks for Sale

Why Not Consider JoJo Water Tanks?

Anyone who has access to a TV or radio set, or even a newspaper, should, by now, be well aware of the threat posed by global warming. Satellite images show the melting ice caps and rising sea levels that threaten to submerge millions of hectares of low-lying coastal areas around the world. It is, therefore, somewhat ironic that, in parallel, so many nations are facing a severe shortage of fresh water, both for drinking and domestic use, and to support strategically important industries. It is clear that a solution to the former problem will only be possible through the cooperation of the world’s governments. By contrast, however, it is very much within the power of the individual to contribute, at least, to limiting the extent of the latter crisis.

A modest first step for the ordinary citizen might be to start collecting and re-using rainwater for selected purposes. Though downpours are frequent, much of the rain falls outside of the catchments areas and is lost to reservoirs. To assist homeowners with this simple act of conservation there are a variety of JoJo water storage tanks for sale.

Widely used across South Africa for more than 40 years, they are manufactured using the highest quality polyethylene and are recognised for their general durability. They are also resistant to the harsh UV rays of the African sun, so will not fade or become brittle. They are offered for sale in a variety of designs and capacities, which makes them an exceptionally versatile product. Installation is relatively easy and consists of suitable guttering and piping to direct the capture rainwater to the storage vessels.

Available in capacities ranging from 1250 to 6000 litres, they are suitable for either an above-ground or underground installation. In the latter case, they employ a ribbed design as reinforcement in order to overcome the pressure of the soil and provide a less intrusive facility. It will, however, require the additional purchase of a submersible pump in order to transport the reclaimed rainwater for use. In addition to their use for rainwater collection, one of the other uses for these JoJo water tanks, which are offered for sale from Water Pump Group at their premises in Boschkop, may also be used a municipal backup. When restrictions are in place, they provide a handy means to sore reserve supplies.

When limited to storage purposes, the rainwater collected by these units is untreated and so it is best limited to uses such as watering the garden, washing vehicles, and similar tasks. However, we also offer fully integrated systems. In this type of installation, the storage vessel is filled to predetermined level from the mains supply, leaving space for rainwater as it becomes available. The stored contents is filtered and sterilised, thus making it suitable for all domestic purposes.

Storing rainwater is not the only use for these water tanks. When configured to collect grey wastewater from showers, baths, hand-basins, and washing machines, the effluent is equally suitable for watering and car washing and, like all of these measures, can help to reduce your monthly municipal account. Talk to Water Pump Group about how the wide range of JoJo water tanks we have for sale could help you save money and conserve this vital resource.



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