JoJo Water Tanks for Sale

JoJo Water Tanks for Sale Offer a Cheaper, Greener Lifestyle

There are few occurrences that better highlight the need to improve water management than the devastating 3-year-long drought that has struck Cape Town following poor winter rainfall in the region. It has been predicted that the taps in the Mother City could run dry by April and already, visitors are being asked by hoteliers to limit the time spent in the shower, to flush loos as little as possible and to avoid using pools by swimming in the sea. Though far more extreme, it is a scenario that has occurred regularly around the country prompting increased sales of JoJo water tanks.

What, some might ask, is the value of these units in the midst of a drought? They are an ideal vessel in which to collect and to store rainwater whenever it may be available. They are also a means by which consumers can be enabled to extend the use of their existing supply.

Consider for a moment the volume of used water that we commit to the drains every day. Just that in which a family of four has bathed or showered can, alone, be considerable. Now, add to that the quantities voided from hand basins, kitchen sinks, dishwashers and washing machines and multiply it by the number of families in your suburb alone. Collected in one of the JoJo water tanks for sale, all of that so-called grey wastewater could be re-used for a variety of tasks.

Obviously, this is a conservative measure that, if adopted by a sufficient number of families, has the potential to relieve much of the pressure on the dwindling reserves of potable water in South Africa. There is, however, one other important benefit that should not be overlooked. When collecting the grey wastewater already purchased from a municipality and then re-using it, this can lead to a substantial reduction of the next monthly bill. Even without treatment, water collected in one of the various JoJo tanks for sale could, for example, safely be used to water the lawn to retain its lush green appearance during a drought, or perhaps to hand wash quadbikes or a bakkie when the use of hoses for this purpose is restricted.

Those whose home happens to be a smallholding or a farm will often depend upon a borehole rather than the municipal supply. In such cases, the wastewater retrieved from the JoJo water tanks offered for sale from outlets, such as the Water Pump Group, can relieve strain on an underground aquifer during periods of drought and still provide a reusable source that may be used to provide irrigation or to clean agricultural equipment.

One of the many advantages of dealing with the Water Pump Group is we are not just a supplier of these items, but also a manufacturer of the pumps required for use with boreholes and irrigation systems, as well as in a variety of industrial applications. In keeping with our insistence on quality, we offer an extensive range of JoJo polythene water storage tanks for sale. Made to survive the toughest weather conditions, these UV resistant products are offered in various capacities and designs, all of which carry a 10-year warranty as standard.



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