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The Value of JoJo Tanks for Water Conservation and Storage

Given that South Africa is officially classified as a semi-arid country, and together with the fact that it depends very heavily upon water for domestic, industrial and agricultural use, the ability to conserve and store adequate supplies of this precious commodity is vital. While much of the daily needs of the city dweller and urban business are supplied via pipelines maintained by local authorities, many rural areas are wholly dependent upon what they are able to obtain from boreholes.

In times of drought, the water table becomes depleted and the yield from a borehole may be minimal or even non-existent. To meet such contingencies, reserves of water must be stored in suitable tanks such as those manufactured by JoJo and offered for sale to farms and smallholdings in the Pretoria region and countrywide, as well as in neighbouring Zimbabwe.

Both providing a means of storage and making an important contribution to the on-going efforts to conserve water, these vessels are ideal for used in harvesting rainwater that can be called upon during the drier periods. With a just a simple installation, rain falling on the roof can be filtered and redirected into a suitable container by means of modified guttering and pipes. In practice, this type of installation can prove to be every bit as valuable for domestic use. Armed with one or two, a family may use their accumulated contents to maintain their lawns, to wash their cars or to top up their swimming pools rather than running up the big bills that have become the norm for consumption of the increasingly costly, potable water supplied to residents by local municipalities.

Whether for commercial or domestic use, the value of JoJo tanks for sale is not restricted to the dry winters experienced in Highveld regions such as Pretoria. In fact, they offer a cost-effective means by which to supplement the municipal supply, and one that could result in considerable savings over an extended period. Vertical or horizontal in design, these vessels are made from UV- and chemical-resistant polyethylene. In addition to rainwater, they are suitable for storing a variety of other water and chemical-based liquids and are offered in a range of colours that can help to differentiate their contents.

Where it is required that these vessels remain as unobtrusive as possible, there is a special, ribbed version of the JoJo tank that allows it to be installed underground. The ribs provide the additional structural strength needed to resist the pressure exerted by the surrounding earth. Though supplied with a 6000-litre capacity as standard, the underground installations are also offered in capacities ranging from 1250 to 2500 litres. They are fed with rainwater collected in precisely the same manner as the aboveground units but require the addition of a submersible pump in order to draw upon their stored contents.

Other uses for JoJo tanks include the harvesting of greywater for re-use in irrigation or for flushing toilets while, when integrated with filtration and sterilisation units, can provide potable water and two more ways in which conserve water.

The Water Pump Group offers these versatile containers for sale in Pretoria as well as a complete range of pumps, stands, taps, level monitors and other compatible accessories.



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