JoJo Tanks for Sale

JoJo Storage Tanks for Sale, and Some of Their Uses

Over the course of more than 40 years, the JoJo brand and their range of storage tanks for sale, for which it is known throughout South Africa, have grown to the point where they have become a household name. Founded by Jan Joubert, the company grew from a need at his Loskop farm. He required a container to store liquid fertiliser, but rather than buying a commercial product, he chose to make his own. Soon after, he was asked to make a second one for an impressed neighbour. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since those early days, the demand for these iconic and once exclusively green containers has rocketed, and the various purposes for which they can be used have also been extended. Today, although most of the JoJo tanks for sale are still destined to be used to collect and store water, the brand now includes products that are suitable for the storage of chemicals, as well as for use in sanitation applications. Furthermore, given the dwindling reserves and the regular increases in the municipal tariffs levied for potable water, several of the company’s products are now just as likely to be seen in the grounds of a private home in the suburbs of Johannesburg and Pretoria as on a farm in the Free State.

Often, a residential installation is seen as a means to cut costs, but many also see this as fulfilling a need for water conservation. For home use, many of the JoJo tanks for sale are now providing families with a system to collect and store rainwater, which may then be used for tasks, such as watering the lawn, cleaning cars, or topping up the pool, thus reducing reliance on the municipal supply. Furthermore, the initial investment can be recovered quite quickly, given that the initial cost is likely to be around R1 per litre, after which it will continue to operate at no charge while saving water and cash, monthly, for the life of the product.

No longer limited to the characteristic green, the range now includes models in colours that better complement those of the home and even in bespoke colours on request. Another option when buying one of today’s JoJo tanks for sale is the choice between vertical, horizontal, and low-profile models for use above-ground, and one that is specially reinforced, so that it can be installed underground, beneath a lawn, a flower bed, or a garden path, for example.

Storage capacity starts at just 500 litres, with numerous intermediate sizes between this and the largest products, with a capacity of 20 000 litres. Manufactured in compliance with SANS specifications, they are made from virgin, linear, low-density polyethylene (LDPE), ensuring they are resistant to fading by the UV rays in sunlight, and can stand up to harsh climatic conditions in general. A food-grade lining fitted to all of the JoJo tanks for sale that are intended for water storage serves to inhibit the growth of algae, and thus ensures that the stored contents will remain fresh for much longer. Complete with all of the fittings needed for a basic installation, and backed by a ten-year guarantee, JoJo Tanks are available for sale from Water Pump Group.



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