JoJo Tanks for Sale

JoJo Tanks for Sale Helping to Conserve South Africa’s Water

For many South Africans on farms, in remote rural areas, and in townships, the problem of inadequate water supplies is nothing new. Despite efforts by the government to extend the supply network, the rollout takes time and, for many of those affected, the problem seems likely to persist for some while. What is more worrying is that water shortages have since become more widespread. In many of the previously well-supplied regions of the country, the demand from consumers could soon exceed the capacity of municipalities to guarantee meeting it. One way to handle this potential crisis could be for homeowners to install one of the JoJo tanks originally produced for sale to farmers.

For too long, we have grown used to the idea that our taps represent an inexhaustible supply of water for every conceivable domestic use. Meanwhile, the demand from agriculture, mining, construction, and manufacturing accounts for around 65% of all consumption and is likely to grow. When combined with the effects of continuing urbanisation that is leading to deforestation and pollution, affecting the quality and quantity of water reserves, the need for more conservative usage is clear. Consumers need to moderate their use of municipal water. Purchasing one of the JoJo tanks for sale from an accredited supplier and using it to harvest rainwater may seem like a modest contribution, but if this option were widely adopted, it could go a long way towards averting future supply problems. In addition, given 2018’s Cape Town drought, they’re also a means to stockpile municipal water for emergencies.

Of course, these vessels have a variety of other uses; these include the storage of various chemicals and animal feed. Also, in rural areas, where there is no access to a proper sewage system, they are often used to collect and store grey and black wastewater prior to collection by a disposal company. Made using the finest food-grade, linear, low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), all JoJo tanks for sale to domestic and industrial users are resistant to UV radiation and the effects of corrosion. Inside, a black, food-grade lining serves to prevent the growth of algae so that the stored water is kept fresh for much longer, while a filter screen is available to prevent the accidental entry of insects, leaves, and other detritus that could spoil the contents. The closely spaced, ribbed structure serves to reinforce the lower section and so ensure stability under pressure.

There are several varieties of JoJo tanks for sale, including standard, slimline, vertical,  horizontal, and low-profile models – and even a specially reinforced unit designed to be used as an underground storage facility. Once instantly recognisable due to their iconic green finish, today’s products are available in a range of standard colours to better blend in with their surroundings. Non-standard colours are also available by special request.

The vertical models offer the widest range of storage capacities, extending from just 260 litres through a number of intermediate sizes, including a 2 500-ℓ pump-ready model, all the way to 20 000 litres. Ideal for rainwater harvesting and municipal backups, JoJo tanks are an investment in water security and they are offered for sale by Water Pump Group.



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