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Some Points You Should Consider When Buying a Borehole Pump

Selecting the model that will best suit your purpose from the wide range of borehole pumps available for sale in South Africa can be more than a little confusing. Consequently, it will be in your best interest to begin the task by finding some answers to those questions that will need to be answered if you are to make the right choice. There are several such questions and, for the record, none of them relates to the price, but rather to the purpose, performance and structure of your installation. Armed with the right answers, your chosen supplier should have no trouble determining which will the best unit for the job.

Initially, the most relevant factor in determining which of the many borehole pumps for sale you need will be what you wish to do with it. Maybe you plan to deliver water to a storage tank or an irrigation system, for instance. In either case, it follows that the next consideration must be how far the water will need to be pumped. The greater the distance the, more powerful the unit will be required.

The horizontal distance to be covered, however, is only a part of the overall challenge. You will also need to know the average depth of the water table. This is because every 10 meters adds approximately 1 bar to the pressure required for water to complete the vertical leg of the journey. In addition, if the pipework is not at ground level, its elevation above the ground will also need to be added to ensure you select a suitably powerful borehole pump from those for sale.

This is still not the whole story, however. Another important factor that could add to the pressure requirement is the diameter of the pipework. In practice, the narrower the diameter, the greater the friction exerted on the water travelling in the pipe. This creates a backward pressure, an additional burden which will then need to be counteracted by a corresponding increase of pressure from the pump in order to maintain an adequate and consistent flow. It is important, in the case of a sprinkler system, for example, to ensure both adequate pressure and flow if it is to operate efficiently and so this will obviously play a significant part in determining which of the various borehole pumps for sale you may need to purchase.

The depth of the water table will also influence the choice of the unit when it comes to its refresh rate. The term refers to the time taken for the aquifer to return to its original level each time water is removed. For most purposes, this will need to equal or exceed the flow rate, whereas if the objective is to lower the water table, then the flow rate will need to be greater than the refresh rate. Some models are designed for manual control, while others are automated.  The latter can be set to stop pumping when the water table falls below a given limit and to resume when it returns to normal.

Finally, be sure to check if you have a single- or three-phase electricity supply and leave it to the experts at Water Pump Group to recommend one of their world-class borehole pumps for sale.



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