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Borehole Drilling Specialists Contribute to Sustainability in Pretoria Region

South Africa is officially designated as a semi-arid nation and there can be few times at which this fact is more evident than during a Gauteng winter, with its cloudless skies and frequent veldt fires. It is also a time when municipalities are likely to impose restriction on the use of water, such as forbidding the use of hoses, and many areas may even have their supply cut off for several hours each day. The fact is that municipal water reserves are becoming increasingly limited. Helping to boost those reserves is a team of borehole drilling specialists based in Pretoria.

Once encountered mainly on farms, smallholdings and other sites remote from piped supplies, these modern-day versions of the village well are now sought after by many of the regions homeowners for domestic use, both helping to reduce the pressure on stored reserves and providing their owners with some substantial saving on their monthly water bills. Given the inevitability of continued tariff hikes, the latter is a strong motivation for those in Pretoria and most regions of South Africa to recruit the help of a borehole drilling specialist.

The idea of tapping into the underground water supply is not a new one and wells have been in use for several millennia. Dug rather than drilled, water was drawn from these first by means of some form of bucket and later, with the aid of a manual pump. Known as aquifers, these subterranean streams form in fractured rock layers and are free of any contaminating soil and thus normally suitable for drinking purposes with the minimum of treatment. To preserve its purity requires the expertise and experience of borehole drilling specialists.

Whether in Pretoria or Parys, a hydrological survey to locate a possible aquifer is required and a protective sleeve long enough to penetrate the bedrock must be inserted into the hole to prevent contamination by topsoil. With a submersible pump in place and the well-head sealed, the new owner is ready to start saving on water bills whilst contributing to sustainability.

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