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What You Should Expect from an Expert Borehole Drilling Service

As though it were not enough that South Africa is classified as a semi-arid country, the reminders of impending climate change are becoming ever more frequent while the cost of municipal water continues to escalate in a failing attempt to limit consumption and so maintain shrinking reserves. As a result, a growing number of the nation’s citizens are now seeking to secure their own personal water supply by investing in a borehole drilled by expert borehole drilling services, a step that, incidentally, is being actively encouraged by the City of Johannesburg. However, while this can be a sound move, to ensure success will require the services of an expert in this field to undertake the drilling.

For the homeowner, calling on such services to tap into the subterranean supply could provide the means to top up the pool, clean the family cars, and keep the lawn emerald green all year round with no concerns about municipal restrictions. A larger installation could provide household water for a small rural settlement or be used to create an irrigation system for many hectares of arable land. However, there is quite a bit more to the installation process than simply digging a deep enough hole. In practice, the first step will be to engage in a little research and planning.

It has to be said that not all contractors are equal and so, in order to avoid the risk of disappointment with their services, it is advisable for buyers to request the use of a standard Borehole Water Association (BWA) contract. This should provide details of all the work to be undertaken, the materials and equipment to be supplied, the maximum depth to be drilled, and an itemised quotation. Any reputable company that claims to provide expert borehole drilling services should be willing to comply, both for their own protection and for that of their clients.

With the agreement in place, the next step is to decide where to drill. A word of warning; drill rigs are large and can weigh up to 15 tonnes or more, so it may be necessary to remove fences or part of a wall in order to gain access. While visual clues are helpful, and the fact that a neighbour has a productive installation is also encouraging, some test borings may well be required and a hydrologist will attempt to identify the spots most likely to intersect an aquifer. In practice, there is a risk that no viable source will be found and success may depend upon going deeper at an additional cost. If successful, the hydrologist should perform a pumping test in order to determine the potential yield and the lifespan of the underground supply.

Typically, a hole of 215 mm diameter is drilled and lined with a steel casing to stabilise the upper portion which, unlike the rock below, is prone to collapse. The operation concludes with the insertion of a submersible pump of a suitable size and the attachment of pipes to the capped structure to distribute the water as required.

With more than 13 years of experience in the industry, Water Pump Group is well established as a provider of expert borehole drilling services, including borehole testing. With offices in Gauteng and the Western Cape, the company also supplies quality pumps, pipes, storage tanks, control panels, and all related accessories.



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