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Borehole Drilling – What are the Marks of an Expert?

The decision to source at least some of your domestic water supply from an underground aquifer rather than relying purely upon a local municipality to meet your entire household needs can certainly be a financially sound one. Just as important as saving a few rands, however, is the fact that this is a move that can only help to relieve some of the burden on the increasingly limited municipal reserves. To access the underground source will, of course, require drilling a borehole, and there are several good reasons why you should insist on experts to undertake the task.

The first indication that you are dealing with a professional is likely to be seen in the quality of the quotation. It is worth noting that no such document should ever be offered or accepted until a preliminary, but thorough, survey of your property and its immediate surroundings have been conducted. Based upon its findings, your quote should include details of every cost pertaining to the service the contractor is agreeing to provide.

As previously stated, when drilling a borehole, the experts begin with this survey. Its purpose is to identify a point on your property where the drilled hole is most likely to intersect an aquifer. It cannot, however, guarantee the depth to which the contractor may be required to drill in order to reach it. For precisely this reason, any quotation should clearly indicate the proposed maximum depth covered by the price stated. It is also customary for contractors to indicate a price per metre for any additional depth to be drilled, should you wish them to go deeper.

Borehole drilling equipment is bulky, and even the experts may not be able to move it to the proposed well site without first removing an intervening fence or creating a sufficiently large gap in a wall. The cost of such actions should be detailed in the quote, which should also provide clarity regarding who will be responsible for any necessary restorative measures.

In addition to skilled labour, the contractor will be providing a variety of accessories that should include a stainless steel liner of sufficient length to prevent topsoil from contaminating the supply, and a submersible pump to raise the water to the surface. Above the ground, your borehole drilling experts will install a suitable well head to prevent the entry of surface water. A supply pipe and a control box will complete your installation, unless you require a potable supply.

In this case, you will require a polypropylene water storage tank, which can be installed above or below ground and will preserve the taste. You will also need some form of water treatment plant to remove sediment, bacteria, and/or any chemical contaminants present, as determined by an analysis of the untreated water conducted by your contractor.

Knowing exactly what to expect and what it will cost is important, but so is the assurance that your chosen borehole drilling experts will deliver quality work and reliable equipment. With more than 13 years of experience, and recognised throughout Gauteng as a leader in its field, Water Pump Group is your guarantee of world-class equipment and expertise.



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